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The No-Fuss Fund Drive


100% of your donation is



You can consider

sponsoring a Brooks student

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100% of your donation

enhances education at Brooks


Your employer may support

matching donations

At Brooks, students are the architects of their own learning, and every staff member — whether they answer the phone, teach your child, serve a meal, or supervise the bus line — supports each one of its 634 students on their educational journey. The Brooks PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by supporting the school and the staff who work with steadfast dedication.


We believe every child has gifts to share. Here at Brooks, their potential is within reach!


Cultural Arts Programs, publications, technology and supplies for the classroom, Study Guided Field Trips, books for the Library, training for the teachers, and much more are all provided thanks to donations from our school families.


If you believe in public school — our public school, and we think you do — donate to our No-Fuss Fundraiser today. Our goal is $10,000. Not only will your donation directly impact every single student, but it also strengthens our community while offering our students a more robust educational experience.

We suggest that each family contribute at least $50 per Brooks student. However, donations range from as little as $5 to more than $1,000.

Every dollar makes a difference! 

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