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Join the PTA!

Why Should I Join the Brooks PTA?

Joining is the easiest way to support the incredible programs provided to our students by the Brooks PTA.  Examples include Cultural Arts events, Study Guided Trips, Writers in Residence, Classroom Materials and Technology.  A portion of your contribution pays for state and national dues which provide important support to schools and PTAs like ours.  The remaining dues stay directly at Brooks to support our programs and students.

What is Required of Me?

While volunteering in the PTA is welcomed and encouraged, we realize that not all individuals are able to do so.  Joining the PTA does not obligate you to volunteer or to attend any meetings.

How Do I Join?

Visit the site linked here to register and remit your payment via the MemberHub Store/WePay.  Note that all dues are tax-deductible (no receipt needed for contributions under $75).  Thank you so much for your support of the Brooks PTA!


PTA Memberships are $12.00 each. Please select which type of Membership you wish to purchase.  

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