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Show the staff and school how much we appreciate them!

Staff Appreciation

Plans monthly meals for staff, snacks at some staff meetings, lunch at staff orientation, and all of the events surrounding Teacher Appreciation Week.

Campus Beautification

Volunteers — including students — help tidy the exterior of the school by pulling weeds and spreading mulch.

Kindergarten Playdates and Picnic

We organize several playdates and a picnic before the beginning of the school year to allow incoming kindergarten students and older magnet students and their parents to meet each other.

Spring Picnic

All families (including incoming families) are invited to enjoy a picnic on the Brooks playground. Food trucks, DJ, and lots of family fun!


Approved WCPSS volunteers are needed to help with bathroom access and cleanup at the end of the event.  

Student-Led Conferences

We provide food for the teachers and staff on the twice-annual Student-Led Conferencing afternoons and evenings.

5th Grade Celebration

Create and host a celebration to follow the end of the year 5th Grade Assembly.

Tissue Tea

A "coffee" for new kindergarten parents held the morning of the first full day of school for the kindergarteners.

Special Occasions

Activities include purchasing food for new staff training and end of year banquet, and gift cards for teachers upon engagement, new baby and retirement announcement.

Vintage Light Balls

If you are interested in helping or learning more about any of these committees, please email our VP of Hospitality, Katie Ward.

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